Bould Consulting Limited has over 40 years pan-Caribbean experience.

Our diverse team covers a comprehensive range of business areas inlcuding:

• Project Management

• Development Consulting

• Property Valuations & Appraisals

• Insurance Valuations

• Insurance Consulting & Loss Adjusting

• Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

• Construction Valuations

• Quantity Surveying

• Property & Development Marketing Services


One aspect of our work that we really enjoy is getting involved with projects.  Bould Consulting has worked on a wide variety of development and other major projects and it is this allows us, as a company, to grow and develop.



Bould Consulting provides commercial and residential property valuations advice to banks and building societies, property companies, developers, investors and other professional bodies for a variety of purposes to assist clients on all aspects of their property requirements.  We provide services in the Cayman Islands and throughout the Caribbean region. The provision of loan security advice to lenders is the mainstream of our business.  Valuations are a major part of the financial decisions that our clients make.  In challenging economic conditions, this information becomes a vital part of the decision making process and it is imperative that accurate information is provided. Every Bould employee who carries out valuation work is both an experienced Valuer and also an RICS Registered Valuer.  Furthermore our firm is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


Quantity Surveying

Our quantity surveying services rely on our extensive knowledge of construction costs in the varied Caribbean market place. We provide cost planning, preparation of tender documents, reporting on contractors' bids and negotiation of contracts. Subsequently interim progress payments, timely financial statements and settlement of the final costs are provided. Our services also include feasibility and market studies, cost-planning, value-engineering and life cycle costing.



We provide planning control and co-ordination of projects from inception to completion monitoring and meeting time schedule

constraints, budgets and quality specifications. We ensure that the most suitable professional team is selected, the most

appropriate procurement process followed and the right contractors chosen for every project. Since construction techniques and requirements vary from country to country, it is essential to select a consultant who is familiar with both the local and international procurement of services and materials. We also offer marketing services for developments including logo design, brochures, signage and public relation campaigns.


Dispute Resolution

Our extensive experience covers both traditional and alternative forms of dispute resolution. We believe in a flexible approach to dispute resolution in order to provide a tailored and cost-conscious solution that truly meets the best interests of our clients. We act as arbitrators mediators and expert witnesses and frequently provide document review and detailed opinions as to the potential outcome of a dispute in order to settle the matter efficiently effectively and economically.



The valuation of individual new-build home requires an understanding of issues that are unique to this sector of the residential market.  Such issues range from an appreciation of the physical attributes of new property that may add value above similar property in the resale market. Demand for new-build property will be driven by a range of factors.  We as valuers are aware of the changing attitudes to issues such as environmental impact, carbon reduction, innovative forms of construction, building standards. Bould Consulting have the expertise and working knowledge of both the construction sector and new-build resale prices, so we are able to provide unparalleled advice.



An insurance valuation is the assessment of a building's structure and fittings to provide the re-instatement cost, i.e., how much it would cost to rebuild the building if the land it stands upon were free. any properties are underinsured, but this is a risky mistake. The value of your property should be the cost to rebuild it.  If your property is incorrectly insured, you may be left out of pocket in the event of a claim. Bould Consulting have the expertise to provide accurate buildings insurance valuations that eliminate your potential risk of loss, so your property is fully insured.


Insurance Loss Adjusting

Combining detailed knowledge of insurance policies, excellent relationships with local contractors and the conditions within

the region allows us to provide adjusting services to both insurance companies and the public. Our experience is substantial with post-hurricane Ivan settlements in the region of US$ 150 million of claims.

Bould Consulting


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